KTZ x New Era联名帽款即将来袭


世界碰撞时自由的工作室在# thecreatorclass委员会TCC成员庄士敦创建一个标志,代表他们的新物理的生产中心# canoncreatorlab。

有一点:本是多伦多的设计师,他有一个用文字艺术的方式。虽然他主要做平面设计师,但他会告诉他,他从来没有考虑过自己。不局限于屏幕,他的设计物化为公共壁画,激光切口,和3D效果图。总是去尝试新的设计领域,他头朝下跳下去,新的项目和合作的心态(因为他的纹身读取)Que Sera Sera。

在城市,自由空间打开它的大门,作为物理的枢纽,他们的社区的创造者。在他们的社区的人打造出一个标志从构思到IRL的安装,本是天作之合。位于内免费,# canonccreatorlab是生产空间,欢迎TCC的成员。备有最新的摄影设备,它作为一个孵化器为当地的摄影师、制片人、社会故事一样。

Worlds collide when FREE- the studio behind #TheCreatorClass- commission TCC Member Ben Johnston to create a sign that typifies their new physical production hub #canoncreatorlab. 

Backing it up a bit: Ben is Toronto-based designer who’s got a way with word art. Though he works largely as a graphic designer, ask and he’ll tell he’d never consider himself one. Not to be confined to the screen, his designs have materialized as public murals, laser cut outs, and 3D renderings. Always down to try his hand at new areas of design, he jumps head first into new projects and collaborations with the mindset (as his tattoo reads) que sera sera.

Across town, FREE Space opens it’s doors as the physical hub to their community of Creators. Looking to their community for someone to build out a sign from ideation to IRL installation, Ben was a natural fit. Located inside FREE, #canonccreatorlab is a production space that welcomes TCC members. Stocked with the latest photography gear, it acts as an incubator for local photographers, filmmakers, and social storytellers alike.